♥ Crisp White V-Necks ♥

This was taken last weekend when E and I was stuck in traffic! And I just wanted to share these photos with all of you because I love it when we match clothes like that! /teehee

Yes we wore White V-necks and brought our own style to it! His went to hiphop-ish and well mine was the girly girl one. =) I love how E loves to take photos and he has been very patient in taking my outfit photos! (Oh look at my eye bags.. grr.. )

Here’s the man behind the camera. =)

Isn’t he the best! =) I love his new cap!! =)

Spent our time at GH with some friends, then rushed to Hard Rock Cafe after. I will blog on that next. =)

How do you all like our white terno shirts? hihi.. 

♥ Sarah

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