Singing our ♥’s Out

This is another late post. So much for backlog! Anyway Two weeks ago me and my Sissy’s went to Platinum at BF homes. It was so much fun!! I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to SING random songs from the 80’s to the songs of the present time. With great friends and energy everything was perfect! (Minus the Receptionist who really got in my nerve) Oh well…

Anyway here are some shots of us.. We love taking Multi-timed shots! We just love laughing at ourselves when we see the pictures and the random poses we do! So here it goes…

And this shot caught E sneezing thus the awkward funny wacky faces!! =)

This was all for Cookee!! I hope you had a great time! 

I couldn’t resist the lights.. Teehee…


And a photo taken by Cookee of Me and E!

I hope to do this real soon again!! 

Thanks for a great night Sissys!! Till our next “Bidyoke” night! =)

♥ S

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