The Next Big Thing Bazaar

Last Saturday, Me and E allotted this day to go around malls because this is what we love to do. We went to F21 Makati first, but wasn’t able to get my hands on anything because there were tons of people everywhere, even at SM makati because it was also on sale. 

So after that, we went to Rockwell’s bazaar. Had dinner there too and I’ve finally tasted the famous mochiko! yum! Though I wasn’t able to take a picture of it. Boo!

The bazaar wasn’t that big but there were a lot of great stuff! The bazaar was mostly for girls. =) 

I bought a headband from Coexist and finally met Camille Co. She was very kind and even helped me put on the headband. (Fan Girl mode ON) But yeah I really love her style and I was hoping to see other bloggers too but she was the only one there. 

Pics with Camille Co. 

She was really tall, to think I was wearing platforms already! =) Thanks again for being very nice and staying a little while to accommodate us. /teehee girlcrush

Also paid a visit at my friends booth, Jana Cases the owner of Metticuloza!


Had a great time going around and I was so exhausted with all the walking. My shoes were not made for walking.. hahaha.. 

And of course a pic with E!

Sorry for the haggard faces. We spent our whole day at the mall. =)

After this, we had dinner at our friends house. (Will post a pic on that later)

That was how we spent our Saturday. =) How was yours?

♥ Sarah

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