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Comfy Comfy Comfy

This is a simple post of my simple comfy outfit last Sunday when I went bowling with my friends. 

What I wore: Top and Shorts: Forever 21. 

Yes super comfy and I love how soft this tribal crop top is. Its one of my fave tops! =) (Seen in my blog several times!)

That’s it for my Comfy outfit post. 

♥ Sarah

☺ Couples against One ☺

Had so much fun last Sunday! Me and my friends went bowling. I haven’t gone bowling since when I was back in Africa with my family. So this was so Nostalgic! =)

So with regards to the title.. Yes.. two couples against one!! With a bet that will be happening some time in November. So it was such a shame that the couples LOST against ONE person! hahaha.. But it was all good!! =)

Here are some photos from that night! 

Cute hello kitty Bowling ball! I wanted to use this ball but its for Sale! Boo!

So yes this was a photo heavy post! I just wanted to share the fun we had last Sunday!

I’m actually going to do this with my family on my birthday so wait for that post. I missed this game so much! hehehe.. 

Anyway this was something different to do on a weekend. I wish there were more places like this in the metro so that its not so packed like the one in MOA. 

But it was still fun! Boo Mark for winning over us! hahaha.. 

You all should try it too! Something different every weekend! I wonder whats next for this weekend! 

♥ Sarah

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