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Random shots with My Love!! Thank you for loving me! @emongresu #feelingcheesy #inlove #sweetie #e&s #always&forever (Taken with Instagram)

♥ Crisp White V-Necks ♥

This was taken last weekend when E and I was stuck in traffic! And I just wanted to share these photos with all of you because I love it when we match clothes like that! /teehee

Yes we wore White V-necks and brought our own style to it! His went to hiphop-ish and well mine was the girly girl one. =) I love how E loves to take photos and he has been very patient in taking my outfit photos! (Oh look at my eye bags.. grr.. )

Here’s the man behind the camera. =)

Isn’t he the best! =) I love his new cap!! =)

Spent our time at GH with some friends, then rushed to Hard Rock Cafe after. I will blog on that next. =)

How do you all like our white terno shirts? hihi.. 

♥ Sarah

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♥ E&S: My Birthday! ♥

Hi everyone, I would just like to share some photos of me and my loving Boyfie during my birthday! =) I’m so happy that he was there to help me with everything, including the paper pompoms. He is the best Boyfriend ever! 

I would like to Thank Pau Edu for taking our pictures. I hope to do a photoshoot with him soon. (I hope he reads this../teehee) 

Photos taken during my bday! =)

A lot of photos were blurry because we kept moving. But I liked all of them. I hope to do a better shoot with Pau soon! =)

This will serve as our outfit post too! =) 

What She wore: Romper: Forever21; Shoes: ShoeBox ; Necklace: Acccessoize ; Ring: Claires.

What He wore: Shirt: Bench; Shorts: Zara; Shoes: Nike Kobe VI Kaos; Cap: NY (IDK what you call them caps)

I hope you like the outcome of the photos! And I hope you guys don’t get tired of seeing our faces on your dash all the time. Hehe.. 

♥ Sarah 

♣ Hours before I turned 25!! The man who makes me the best person I could be! I ♥ you E!! ♣

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♥ Pre-Birthday Lunch ♥

Last Saturday, I had lunch with the Fam Bam at YC because we all love the pizza there.. =) Went to the one at MOA because we were suppose to play bowling after but unfortunately the whole place was rented until 4pm but we couldn’t stay for long because my mom had a meeting at 4pm. 

So we just had lunch and family bonding with E and had dessert at Krispy Kreme.

Then dessert at Krispy Kreme!

Had fun family bonding and a bit sad because we weren’t able to play bowling! But still a great way to spend time with my family! =)

♥ Sarah

Its Weekend Again!! A Feel good song!! 

Happy Weekend Everyone! ♥♥♥

☺ Couples against One ☺

Had so much fun last Sunday! Me and my friends went bowling. I haven’t gone bowling since when I was back in Africa with my family. So this was so Nostalgic! =)

So with regards to the title.. Yes.. two couples against one!! With a bet that will be happening some time in November. So it was such a shame that the couples LOST against ONE person! hahaha.. But it was all good!! =)

Here are some photos from that night! 

Cute hello kitty Bowling ball! I wanted to use this ball but its for Sale! Boo!

So yes this was a photo heavy post! I just wanted to share the fun we had last Sunday!

I’m actually going to do this with my family on my birthday so wait for that post. I missed this game so much! hehehe.. 

Anyway this was something different to do on a weekend. I wish there were more places like this in the metro so that its not so packed like the one in MOA. 

But it was still fun! Boo Mark for winning over us! hahaha.. 

You all should try it too! Something different every weekend! I wonder whats next for this weekend! 

♥ Sarah

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☺Saturday Night! ☺

Wasn’t able to take pics of the others things we did but we actually pigged out last Saturday. 

Ate dinner at Army Navy at G5! Yum!

Had Serenitea after at Burgos Circle.

And Claimed my Double Dozen Krispy Kreme Coupon! Donuts = ♥♥♥

No we didn’t finish the donuts! Brought home the other dozen for my family and we ate the other dozen for almost three days! YUMMY!

This shall not happen again! hehehe… So much for dieting!/wrist

♥ Sarah 

☺Platinum Night ☺

Right after shift we all decided to go to platinum to sing our stress away from the whole week. It was so impromptu that we just decided while we were in the car. =)

Here are random photos of the night. Had so much fun but it was bitin..hehehe..

Of course my E was with us to have fun and sang some songs.. I always get so *Kilig* when he sings them tagalog songs. =)

Next time we’ll be complete.. there’s always someone missing when we go out. Tonight we missed Tishy and Greg. 

I love my friends! Mwuah*

Anyway this was how I started my weekend.. How was yours?

♥ Sarah