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☻ Halloween in the Office part 2

Today is officially Halloween and since I wasn’t able to go out and go trick or treating, I got ready for my students! =)

Here are some of the photos of me and my students in their Halloween costumes! =)

Yes I am Lady Gaga!

Happy Halloween everyone! =)

♥ Sarah 

☻ Halloween in the Office ☻

Here’s a picture with my TL and our new member Kerby! 

Yes they were the villains! 

They took my apple!! hihihi… 

Happy Halloween!!! I can’t wait for Monday’s outfits!! =) wee…

♥ Sarah 

☺Happy Halloween ☺

Tomas is just the Cutest!!! =) 

I actually have two costumes.

For boys I would wear this mask and for girls I would be Snow White!! =)

And here’s a better look of my outfit for Snow White! Well I just did the simple rule of Color blocking. =)

With TL AZ who’s portraying hmmm… the wicked witch-ish! hahaha.. 

Happy Halloween Edubox!